Food in the evening should saturate well so that no nonsense is dreamed of at night, and we also don’t need it with a heavy load in the stomach!
Products in the evening should calm our nervous system after a hard day, and also promote a healthy and sound sleep. That is why you should not skip dinner, but eating later than three hours before bedtime is also not good. Ideally, dinner should be light – no more than 400 kcal and 200 g serving, depending on your daily activity and lifestyle, of course.
But I don’t count kcal, because it’s not always possible to weigh food. What to do??
In this case, there are a couple of options that I focus on:
1. Portion of fish (poultry) or seafood – steamed, in the oven or grilled with vegetable salad. You can add healthy fats to the salad: avocado, or you can 1 tsp. olive or sesame oil. Oil regulates the level of leptin, a hormone responsible for metabolism in the body.
2. Omelet from one egg and a couple of proteins with green vegetables (asparagus / broccoli / green beans / spinach / lettuce / cucumbers, etc.) You can add psyllium, bran or flaxseed flour to the omelette.

Healthy food concept.

The first two points can be supplemented with 2 tbsp. boiled chickpeas or beans – suitable for those who do not have an appropriate reaction to legumes.
Perhaps, you should not be afraid of grains for dinner, but it is better to eat them no more than 30-50 g, or still then count these notorious KBJU.
3. If you want something sweet for dinner, then pumpkin curd casserole will help you + add some berries / fruits or a sweetener if you eat.
4. Better yet, make some quick dessert, for example, pudding on agar-agar from any milk / protein, I love chocolate pudding from fermented baked milk or 1% kefir. By the way, I have a lot of PP desserts for dinner on my site, for example, Turtle cake or Potato evening cake.
5. But if the dinner is late, then I can limit myself to a casein cocktail or a serving of albumin cottage cheese with carob / stevia / berries with yogurt / milk.
6. Yes and ch.l. honey, 1/3 banana or 50 ml of warm milk with spices are also good for a good sleep.
In general, whatever your PP dinner is, let it be delicious!