Yes, yes and yes again! The trick is that protein is absorbed faster and more efficiently in a duet with complex carbohydrates. Do not be surprised, because our ancestors accustomed the digestive system to such a diet.

Proteins, entering the body, are broken down into amino acids, which serve as a building material for our muscles. They themselves will not get there, they will be helped by an “express” called insulin (a protein hormone), which is formed in the presence of carbohydrates. Conclusion: proteins without carbohydrates are like tea without water! Simply put, the ideal fuel for the muscles and the body as a whole will be a combination of meat, fish or poultry with a side dish in the form of cereals, durum wheat pasta, baked potatoes or vegetables. Satisfying and useful!

Another argument in favor of such a duet is slowing down the digestion of carbohydrates, maintaining blood sugar levels and a constant energy level, and accelerating metabolic processes. After such a meal, you will remain full for a long time and the desire to devour a cookie will disappear for a long time.

It is dangerous to exceed the level of carbohydrates, but sometimes you want to, otherwise the body will begin to store them in fat. Carbohydrates, getting into the body, are broken down to glucose, which increases the energy supply of the body and makes us more active in training. But this does not mean at all that cereals and pasta can be consumed in unlimited quantities! Carbohydrate reserves should not exceed 300-400 grams per day, otherwise it will not be “for the good”, but “in reserve”. And this amount should not be harmful and sweet, but healthy side dishes for meat / fish / eggs. Eat proteins with carbohydrates, and the body will thank you with good health and a slimmer figure!