The coach always insisted that I take measurements. Volume, weight, percentage of fat / muscle – all this is very important. And everything is uncomfortable for me, ashamed somehow, and there is no time. Of course, who wants to admit that your waist is not 60, but 65, and your hips are far from ideal.

And it is necessary to do so. On the way to harmony, you should definitely weigh yourself, measure volumes and look more often at photos taken before you seriously thought about the figure of your dreams. At worst, you can get your “dream jeans” out of your suitcase – the same ones that you wore in the 10th grade, and it was a pity to throw it away, and you can also admire the prom dress and understand what to strive for. Another effective option on the way to harmony is to buy a thing three sizes smaller, then there will definitely be an incentive to lose weight.

And “ashamed”, “laziness”, “I don’t feel like it”, “I can’t” – this is all nonsense. Understand that the above measures will only benefit you. After all, where did my profile on Insta begin – with a photo of scales with numbers. I was embarrassed to lay out my forms at first, because I simply don’t like unaesthetic pictures, but the numbers on the scales are the very thing! Then it was very fashionable to keep the so-called “food diaries” and regularly show photos of your weight. So, I am one of those who stood at the very origins of the Russian Insta-PP.

If you are not too lazy and scroll to the very beginning of my tape, you will see a decent amount of these scales with plumb lines. Everything was honest: the numbers, the deadlines, the recipes, and the emotions!!! But the “before and after” photos appeared a little later, when I still liked myself in the mirror! Whether you take a photo of yourself as if in a “mad dry” or a photo of scales, or maybe it’s better to just fix the numbers – the choice is yours! But, trust me, it all really works and is very motivating. Dare!