I have been studying this issue for over three years and have come to the conclusion…
Yes! Honey https://greenelly.com/ is useful in every sense! Its chemical composition is unrealistically rich in vitamins and elements, and its healing properties are legendary.

√ In the morning 1 tsp. honey + 1/4 lemon juice + water = super cocktail of beauty and energy for the whole day.

√ Honey is an ideal sugar substitute in PP and vegan desserts, smoothies, poultry and vegetable dishes, but it is high in calories (324 kcal), you should not eat a lot of it! We are not bears from fairy tales, we do not need to accumulate fat for the winter. No more than 1-2 tbsp. l. per day, especially when losing weight.

√ It’s better to have honey on the legs with a scrub or in a face mask – this is a Must have in cosmetology – one honey massage.

But can it be heated? Long-term disputes that honey, when heated above 40 degrees, loses its beneficial properties and even releases a carcinogen, namely, hydroxymethylfurfural (OMF)! Yes it is! OMF is formed by heating carbohydrate compounds in an acidic environment. In honey, the source of OMF is fructose. And since honey has an acidic environment (pH 3.5), there is a partial decomposition of fructose with the formation of (OMF), which greatly accelerates with increasing temperature! GOST determines the presence in honey (OMF): no more than 25 mg/kg. What does the content (OMF) in fresh honey mean close to zero!

How bad is it for us?
According to the Institute for Honey Research (Germany) and according to the academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences I.P. Chepurny, in many confectionery products, jams, Coca-Cola and even in roasted coffee, OMF is tens higher than in overheated honey! Like this!! And according to research by the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, the daily intake of OMF into the body with food in the amount of 2 mg per 1 kg of weight does not pose any danger to humans.

So it is quite clear that OMF, which can enter our body even with overheated honey, is safe for health!

And my conclusion: it’s more useful to eat honey without heating it, pour pancakes over it, adding it to the cream for the cake or warm milk with spices before going to bed!
But if you sometimes add 1 tsp. honey in a marinade for a bird or in a dough for a “honey cake”, there is no need to be afraid!
In everything we need a measure and we will be happy!